Ne z knih, ale z pramenů, kamenů a stromů se učte.

Putování (Pilgrimages, trawelling)  In this chapter we describe our trips into a country.   

Conscious journey

An editorial to the chapter "Putování"

Wandering through the countryside can be different. Someone is moving firmly behind his aim, and the journey is for him only the necessary effort in the movement. The path itself is not the purpose, but a means to achieve the aim. Another traveller has an aim in the way itself - he is wandering without a goal, just only for a journey itself. The objective of the way is not important. Many people run into the wild even in a time when solving their troubles, and then nature becomes a soothing, reassuring and helping. Different feeling we can have when we travel through the countryside in order to learn and understand it. At the moment we should always move knowingly, consciously, in present time. What do I think with that?

During a conscious journey landscape is never only a background and a scene, which we move in. We're not actors, which demonstrate in front of the others. In nature there are not viewers and actors. We all are participants in the same reality and not the theatre. We are part of the landscape and nature, first of all in that one which we are just now in. Be sure that the nature - plants and animals - perceive us perfectly. They feel that we are approaching, estimate us, assess our potential hazards, deploy protection or mask, put obstacles in the way of us, give us the bait that took our attention from what is trying to hide. Whether in the real or spiritual level. Inanimate nature also makes it quite the same way at its level. The ground forces, the chemistry of minerals and rocks, optics, acoustics, geomagnetic field, electromagnetic force and resonance of the electrical bio-fields, gravity, pathogenic zones - with all of these forces we are in interaction. Or, we are influenced by, and in some way we influence them. Also intangible entities, spiritual residues, information concentrates, all beings and creatures, intelligent or unintelligent, positive or negative, they do the same, often much more than us and more efficiently.

People bring into the country a lot of energy, which is viewed, analyzed, accepted or repelled by, decreased, reinforced and modified. We are attacked, we are repelled, haunted, or vice versa, we're dangerous attackers, destroyers of fragile relations, the destroyers of invisible webs. And yet, we are protected, welcomed and eagerly anticipated with hope and faith in our help. Nature and Country responds to us in many aspects of living and non-living energy in all forms. Why we are still trying to suppress or ignore this interaction? As well as the surrounding nature and the countryside perceive us, we should perceive it too. Be permanently in a reciprocal link. No country, no tree, flower or rock is not so drab not to earn our full attention and presence in the "here and now". This often declared and so little realized motto "here and now" is in our relation to the surroundings very clearly visible. Conscious journey through landscape would actually be long-term meditation. Do not allow the ideas to look at somewhere in the past or in the minds of issues and plans for the future. Every time we're going through at the time and space of the landscape is intended for the full contact with the neighbourhood.

In practice, it looks like the exact opposite - we go and talk about the job, about children, about partners or sex, about the realities of past, or fantasies, experiences, advices, plans. The world around is the backdrop, which is perceived only in short moments of the intensification of experiences, f.i. when an insect bites us, are burnt by nettle, an interesting rock appears, castle, or tree, or even when we don't know where to go and finally let's look around. Or when we are looking for water, a pub or a shadow. Such a perception of the landscape is very selfish and subjective - we perceive only the strongest impulses and signals, and that's only in relation to the comfort or discomfort of your own person. Permanent contact, or "link", it is far away. When this stage happens and all of a sudden I find out that I ignored surrounding country, I wasn't there, because I need to talk with a friend, so what?  It's the same as if in meditation the thoughts go to "somewhere" to no attention and asociations. It is important to stop and look round, perceive the facts I see. Listen to the birds, to taste the air, look at the sky. Again to "connect" yourself and remain so as long as possible.

A man who is trying to "feel" nature only in special and mysterious places, like in the energy nodes, he should ask the following questions: "How can I identify and distinguish, qualify and quantify a place special, if I don't know what's normal? If I don't have a standard, a benchmark? When I did not create the sensitivity for the blanded, daily?

Nature looks after us, really. In moments of our pain, grief, problems and worries provides us with a comforting arms, full of energy. In clearing in the woods we often find solutions and the power to solve. We'll get something. We should not forget that, even in times when we are happy. A relaxing trip with friends is a good opportunity to return to the country some of the energy, which we were given by. Energy and the support that we received in moments of evil, we can give back in moments of well-being. As civilized people, we are very pure to a natural information and forces, by which we are surrounded by. But fortunately, we have developed another ability - intelligence - ability to share information and learn. And thanks to this we are able to more easily recognize and understand our own errors and mistakes. And we are able to (if we want) change. And for this may contribute  the conscious journey...

See you!

   Jiri Skaloud 

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