Ne z knih, ale z pramenů, kamenů a stromů se učte.

"Man, you got a brain to use it, and you got the heart to feel, where is the truth. Get both together and grow up wise decision. " (Heurékidés)    

Strange coincidences  

an editorial to the cathegory "Zvláštní náhody"       

Well, actually, that probably are not coincidences, and neither they are very strange.

Wicked pictures, a skeptic says, and he is right in such a way.

The captured energy and spirits, dreamers say, and also are right in such a way.

To catch some "inexplicable" phenomena by the eye of today's digital cameras is quite simple. In the baffling amount of photos, during the constant clicking of triggers, the reigning of huge photography waste, even in the immediate control of what I did, it would be crazy, if such photos did not occur. Actually, it is rather strange, how little such photos is, despite the efforts of many authors is artificially produced them. It seems that "invisible stuff" is trying to remain invisible, and if it appears, so always unexpectedly and always otherwise than we wanted. It requires from the "ghosts" big attention!

We present here (Zvláštní náhody) some photos that we consider to be interesting in some way. I already hear the critical controversy about optical procedural irregularities, reflections, sensitivity, dust, insects and aircrafts. But of course! The majority of recorded facts has a rational explanation, which we agreed about! We do not make photos of miracles or UFO! But when we make pictures, so with no intention, no affort to catch "something". We leave the "hidden" comes when it wants.

The magic is elsewhere than in the captured image. It is in synchronicity of the immediate reality with a random position of the hand, an optical defect of a camera lenses, dust, insects, the movement of the body and the position of the Sun, in that interesting coincidences. It is worthy on such photos and we thank for it. And we say to skeptics - go and make such a picture too, if it is so clear and simple.

A snapshot with the "defect" is not a "MYSTERY" of tabloid-style, it is not intended to shock and confuse of spectators, it is a reward and confirmation that "someone" is encouraging the photographer. Or, in other words - that the photographer was at that moment correctly tuned to capture the "defect". That's all, folks.

And that it happens increasingly more frequently? It just will be "strange coincidence" ...

Jiří Škaloud

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