Ne z knih, ale z pramenů, kamenů a stromů se učte.

GALERIE (Gallery)  In this chapter we describe interesting places, other than "Stones" "Trees" or "Springs".   


an editorial to the chapter "GALERIE"

"The places where the Earth's energy sprays out." - words that are enough you to create the view about us. Esoteric-like reader is attended, realistic reader will increase the heart rate and he goes after the mouse, to surf elsewhere. Such is the power of the information hidden in the only few words. Information has an energy and energy contains information. And the mass has both - it contains the energy and information. If I say that somewhere the energy sprays (flows) - from a view  of physical and grammatical content - it is stupid. Water flows from the fountain, or the flames from the rocket engine. Flowing is a word that expresses a current that has direction and orientation. But energy does not have a direction or orientation. Physicist says - the energy is "scalar", has the size, but not the direction. Any definition of "energy" is not quite so simple. In the prior century, scientists have talked about some fluids, the definition of energy was unknown. Probably the best definition of energy is the one that says that energy is an ability to do a job.        

Energy also has no polarity. If we speak about positive and negative energy, it's once again a physical nonsense. So, if we use the concept of positive or negative energy, we are not talking about the energy itself, but about its effects on humans or other organisms. The negative energy is that which (mostly) don't make for good and the positive ones can help us. It is physically sick, but as a description it is very appropriate.

It also is a problem, that there is a lot of energies and they love to transform one into the other. So if we're talking about earth energies, we know that this is a summary of all energies - from the completely realistic physical, chemical and biological ones, up to the unknown yet. But because our interests are the very last, so we often simply speak only about them. This energies are often called "soft-mass" (note: I do not know a correct English word) , which is another word that is to some people like a red rag to a bull. However, it is just a word. Soft-mass energy is closer to the information, than to laws of thermodynamics. Their physical description is not known, we do not know the laws of their conversion and so far we don't know how to measure them. Is it a reason to say, that they do not exist? It is naive as well as to claim that we know everything. Soft-mass energy primarily influences our minds. We perceive them through sensation, emotion or body feeling. Therefore, somewhere we feel well and there we fall asleep, somewhere we are not well and want out. This instinctive perception of the surroundings we have inside, it has always been evolutionary tool for surviving. If you practice and learn how to distinguish and quantify this feeling, you can easily become a geomant. It's no science (really), and it's not even very hard. And it' makes far deeper and more comprehensive experiences from quite ordinary places.     



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