Ne z knih, ale z pramenů, kamenů a stromů se učte.


an editorial to the chapter "KAMENY"

There are a lot of stones on the Earth and they stay together with humans since the dawn of time. From flint and pebbles up to ceramic nozzles of rocket engines. Some stones we kick, after the other we walk, more others we pray for. All the stones are a part of the inorganic matter of the planet. But thanks to their base they are not fixed to the planet. They get free - a sort of "geological" freedom. But they are not even the live biosphere, at least not as science defines the life. The stones are the arms by which the planet extends to nature, as well as the biosphere penetrates with his roots and micro-organisms inside the ground.

We humans surround ourselves with stones and we use them for pragmatic, cult and energy purposes. We're giving them functional programs. We feel that the difference between the functions of the Gothic cathedrals and caves may not be very big. If we want to "learn and understand", a narrow and technical look at one aspect of the country and the stones is not enough for us. The country offers us its mass as a gift and at the same time it uses the mass to communicate with us and also outside us. Biosphere draws nutrients and raw materials from the ground, the Earth by her stones draws "something" from nature and people, but also directly from the Universe. The stones are the envoys of the mass and are a sort of connection (as well as the people and the whole of nature).

The stones on the hills you can see like buttons on a blouse of mother Earth. With their help we can get and can expose blouse sweet secrets hidden beneath it. Unzip and download soft lace from full breasts with stone nipples and fully drink strength, which mother Earth gives us available. This idea of stripping mother can help us to reach a correct position of the infants with an open mouth. To the position that we should feel to our mother Earth. To the position of the child, which is on the diet of his mother's breasts fully dependent.

Of course we don't have to feel the Earth energy only according to above mentioned idea. But I'm sure we have to feel the Earth from a position of subordination, dependency and love. Just so we can access the great energy of the Earth's dragon forces. From the position of the resignation and love for our mother, which really control the dragon forces. And our love implies also a responsibility for actions that we do on the Earth. We should be careful about the harmonious life of the Earth. If we accept this status, the country will be with us for more discussion. Instead of taps to spoiled child the dialogue will start. Same as the mother begins to speak to the child in the moment when the child is able to understand her.

The stones may help us to understand. Natural blocks of rocks, boulders, stones in rivers, gravel or sand. Rock blocks, or crystals of minerals. Volcanic rocks or sediments. Metals, coal, and cement of burnt limestone. Natural "aktilits", or menhirs with a human program. Every bit of inorganic rock or mineral conceals links with the mother Earth. Some more, some less, in different quality and quantity. The stones are the key to understanding our place and role on the planet Earth. The stones are a cell phones, that mother earth always rises.


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