Ne z knih, ale z pramenů, kamenů a stromů se učte.

Plea for Hnevin  

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The river Bilina runs deeply below us:  it reminds of a rill of tears that is pouring down from a dusty face of sacrificed landscape. Unnaturally straighten up canal, which keeps constant width, reveals that there is an artificially created trunk. The hurts of opencast mines have been moved mercifully behind the horizon and also the scars of landscape trenching are slowly being covered. For the time being there is a deserted plane with artificial lakes, the plane that is cut through via highway and flavoured with ulcers of power and chemical plants. The Ceske stredohori hills are sticking out from the abused land and appear a bit as knuckles of a tight fist of the Mother Earth.

(note: Hnevin -means in Czech something like "being angry")

Hnevin is one of those hills - one of those knuckles. Its name seems to be accurate for what should the Earth feel towards a human kind, by treating the land the way they did/do. The fact that it is different, shows something about immense motherly broadmindedness and love. The Hnevin hill with its castle dominates the town of Most. There are not many people coming there, except a few locals. The castle is a modern reconstruction of an old building. There is an observatory, restaurant and a view tower. The news of desolated landscape, of suffocating fogs, of industry, of town removed into a concrete boxes, of criminality and of unemployment do not attract many tourists to the area of Most. We are closing our eyes and do not want to accept our part of responsibility for human actions. We leave it only up to the local inhabitants to repair the damage and to return the love and energy to the land, to the land that gave us all so much. That is something we all should do. And that is why I beg you to send one little loving thought to all the landscapes that enable us such a civilisation comfort. Send the thought with each turned on light bulb, with each passed mile and each used plastic bag. And even better, go to Hnevin or to other local hill and set your eyes onto the countryside.

Maybe you will find out, that even now, this part of the Earth is beautiful and it touches the heart. The flower that blooms on the grave has the same beauty as the one that blooms in the Alps. And also the birds are singing on the scrap-yard. Mother Earth forgets about the millions of tons of trenched dirt, she gets over the loss of pulled up energy lines cobweb, she forgives of the lost traces of tear down towns, she will console thousands of lost and fearful souls of disappeared corners, river turns and places, she pampers the lost souls of people and other beings, she will hold the huge tension of bio-information, that are released by burning old, carbonised trees. Despite of this mess consisting of mixed traces, historical injustices, villany, battles and all our sins, the Most area is still beautiful and remains friendly towards people. It seems incomprehensible, but because of that it deserves even bigger humbleness and gratitude. When you stand on Hnevin and you are looking into the landscape, and all this is entering into your soul and into your heart, suddenly the tears will burst out from your eyes and your legs will grow into the stone. It is really a big hit, so just accept the portion you are able to handle and let your part of responsibility for this place run through you into the everlasting light.

Hnevin is definitely a strong, energetic place. It can force you into the anger, quarrel and undesirable jumps (not only down from the rock). You stand on a top of a very high voltage pillar. Allow the local energies to run through your body, try to give in easily as the resistance is petty and dangerous and it could burn or damage you. The energies are not tolerant, they don't think and differentiate between what is a wish of your heart or of your ego. Most definitely they will leave a mark on you. If you are using properly the grounding stick called Love and Reconciliation, and also the isolating clothing of purifying and protective rituals and prayers, then the effects of local energy will be positive for you and of course also for the local countryside. A brand mark of a good electrician is to live Hnevin and to live it healthy. And also it is such help that is more than just our duty.

Text: Jiri Skaloud             Translation: Ava Vantomme                      Images: Vladimira Brzobohata

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